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Recorded by Sean Pearson at Paper Box Studios~Hamilton
Vocals, Mixed & Mastered by WTCHS
limited edition, custom hand stamped run of 100 (c20)
2012 PERDU


released 06 October 2012
From the steeltown reverie of Aaron Levin:Strange sounds upon strangewinds emerge from a newly born Steeltown oasis. The strangled snare of gnarled guitars harken upon the nethersteps of Haligonia, but it’s the hooded nihilism of WTCHS’ droning vocals that yield unlimited satisfaction. Hope comes in a multitude of flavour. Hand-stamped package complete with 6-minute tape-only drone-out. Grip sicc widdit.
(Weird Canada)|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Now that the sun has set on The Bitters, I am officially nominating Hamilton’s WTCHS to take up the “cave pop” genre moniker. Hot on the heals of the BUZZ Records “Adult Crimes” digital single, Wet Weapons takes their sound to a tougher place, a place haunted by the angry ghosts of Eco and the Bunnymen, who howl all night long. And if modern cassette culture has taught us nothing else, it’s that often the best way to experience these places is in the analogue world of the tape warble. WTCHS’ music has created it’s own hollow, cassette cavern where early post-hardcore riffs and hooks hang from stalactites like bats. If you spend enough time in this stone hole you may chance to glance a pale, hairless cave person who’s lived underground for his entire life, never seeing light and surviving on the blood of those unfortunate enough to get lost while spelunking. Though don’t worry, that’s just Ian MacKaye’s evil twin, doing everything his brother does, but in the dark. (James Lindsay)

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